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Protein Hydrolysate Liquid

We manufacture Protein Hydrolysate from various sources like milk/casein, soya and animal kingdom etc. These products are hydrolyzed by using special enzymes under controlled conditions.

Amino Acids are in the L – form & are biologically pure & are in Free State. The short chains Peptides have a molecular weight less than 400 gms per mole. Amino Acids are very active compounds & are maintained in that state by special process.

The active nature of Amino Acids helps it to get Chelated & absorbed in the plant & mammalian system. These amino acids consist of all essential Amino Acids.

L – Tryptophan which is an important Amino Acid for Auxin synthesis in plants & for nutrition in mammals is present in this product.

L – Tryptophan is destroyed if the hydrolysis is carried out by acid or alkali which is method used in EU countries. During Acid hydrolysis, Amide Nitrogen is formed which is toxic to mammals.

The product Protein Hydrolysate Solution is available in conc. upto 40% protein content. The product has low sodium oxide & chloride content of 1.5% w / v respectively. The heavy metals are only 10 ppm.

It has no Inorganic Nitrogen. Nitrates & Ammonium Compounds are absent. The Ash content is only 4.0%. The product is packed in 200 Kg. HDP Drum.

  Specifications     Composition  
Description Brown Colored Liquid Total Amino Acids (Min.) 38.0% W/V
Odour Specific, Spicy Total Free Amino Acids (Min.) 10.0% W/V
Density 1.10 – 1.15 GM / CC Kjeldahl Nitrogen (Min.) 6.0% W/V
Solubility In Water Complete Heavy Metals (Co, Cr, Cd, Pb) (Max.) 10 ppm W/V
pH 4.0 – 6.5 Na2O (Max.) 1.5 % W/V
CHLORIDE (Max.) 1.5 % W/V
Dry Matter (Min.) 42% W/V
Ashes (Max.) 4 % W/V
Inorganic Nitrogen Absent
Bacteriological Limits Absence of Pathogens
as per U.S.P. / NF / IP.
Storage Stability 3 Years


Available Grades in Protein Hydrolysate Solutions are:

  1. Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 20%.
  2. Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 30%
  3. Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 40%