Foam Density:

Recommended weight of foam Minimum 80 g/ltr

# yields approx. 510 litres (variable) of foam at 80 grams/litre

Crushed Sand might mechanically destroy part of the foam

Water to process foam Potable, if possible below 25°C

#Captive densities are oven-dry (24h at 100°C)

Approx. 25% of the total volume of water (in mix and in foam) in relation to the weight of cement used will crystallize and therefore will have to be added to the dry-weight of the cement and sand used to reach the “oven-dry” density.

Recommended Cement

Portland 53 or higher grade, or similar

Recommended Sand

Washed river sand, Density/Sieve:           Up to 1.000/up to 2mm

Minimum 15-18% fines                           Up to 1.200/up to 4 mm.

Up to 1.400/up to 5 mm                         Up to 1.600/up to 6 mm

Bubble size Formed: Avg: approx.: 0.01 – 0.02 mm (10 – 20 microns) 

Stability Time: 1.0 to2.0 hours, depending upon the temperatures and environmental conditions.