M/s Maruti Protech (India) is promoted by a well experienced & qualified entrepreneur in the year 1992. The promoter has a vast experience (Technical & Managerial) in the field of drugs & pharmaceuticals and an approved manufacturing chemist, certified by government drug authority. The promoter has worked in different capacities in reputed drugs & pharmaceutical concern during his service tenure. He has also handled a good number of drugs & pharmaceutical projects from inception to commercial production.

This concern is indulged in the processing of Protein Hydrolysate liquid & powder. It is processed for medicines, cosmetics, food & agriculture industry as per their requirements.

The company has also indulged in a range of product “Protein Based Foaming Agent for CLC (Cellular Lightweight Concrete)” including special grades, which is used in the manufacturing of light weight concrete bricks/blocks, in-cast situ and other related products.

Our expertise R&D team is in research for innovating new products. Maruti Protech (India) is poised to launch its international range of products to further entrench its position in the minds of the discerning all types of consumers.

Dedicated to quality, environmental protection, and continuous improvement in all spheres of activity, Maruti Protech (India) is committed to create superlative value for its consumers on a sustained and enduring basis.